Mount Heng

In Mount Heng, there are ancient caves, deep valleys, spring and waterfall, making the world quiet. There are also temples, beautiful flowers and grasses, adding to the fairyland atmosphere of Southern Scared Mountain. According to Xing Jing (star catalogue), Mount Heng is corresponding with the Zhen Star of the 28 Star Living. Zhen Star takes charge of people’s life, so Southern Scared Mountain is also called “longevity Sacred Mountain”, favored much by elder people.

 In Mount Heng, there are natural scenic spots as well as cultural ones. It has been a good holiday resort and tourism destination. Nanyue Temple at the foot of the mountain is the biggest ancient building group of palace style in south China, holding grand temple fair annually. Shuilian Cave (water shade cave) is located under Zigai Peak, called “Zigai Sacred Cave”. Located between Tuwu Peak (fog-breath peak) and Xianglu Peak (censer peak), the cave is surrounded with water and mountain. Fangguang Temple is surrounded with eight hills, ancient trees and spring. In late autumn, the maple leaves are redder than beautiful flowers in February while the firry leaves are so green. In the forest, one can enjoy the cleanness and quietness. The stream leads to a deep pool, and the sound of the water falling down is as loud as bell ringing. The major peak Zhurong Peak is 1290 meters above sea level. It stands high in wind and snow, as lofty as the Fire God Zhurong.

Famous poet Li Bai once wrote a poem to describe the beauty of Southern Sacred Mountain.

Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?
from rural area, one can take bus NO 1 to the terminus (the West Bus Station) and then take intercity bus to Hengshan County. This route is revertible. Inter-transportation: ropeway from Banshan Pavilion to Nantian Door, upward RMB 30 and downward RMB 25.

Ticket Price:

Opening Hours:
07:00 – 18:00

More Tips:
1, one should wear soft sneaker when climbing the mountain. 2, the “Rock Poem Forest” above Zhonglie temple is called “labyrinth” by local people. People should look to each other when crossing the forest and be careful of breaking the ranks. 3, there are many cliffs in the mountain. To be safe, one should not be too close to them. 4, as the weather is different in the mountain, one should take some clothes in preparation. 5.Best time to travel: in Mount Heng, one can admire flowers in spring, cloud and fog in summer, sunrise in autumn and snow-scene in winter. All the year round, one can visit Mount Heng and get its best scenery.

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