Nanyue Temple

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The temple was built in Tang Dynasty. After six times of fire, sixteen times of enlargement and repair in Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, it was built to be today’s size in 1882 AD (the eighth year of Guangxu Emperor, Qing Dynasty). It covers an area of 9,8000 square meters. The temple is of nine layers and four courtyards. It consists of Jiuxing Door, Kuixing Pavilion, Yubei Pavilion, Jiaying Door, Yushu House, Main Hall, Bedroom, east and west side doors and four turrets. The Main Hall is the main body of the building, with the largest scale, which is also called Big Hall or Shengdi Hall. It is 24 meters high, with 72 stone stelae, symbolizing the 72 peaks of Southern Sacred Mountain. The wood carving of jumping dragon and flying phoenix under the eaves and the wood carving on the door are very delicate. On the stone stelae around the main hall, there are 144 white marble basso-relievo carved in 1705 AD (the 44th year of Kangxi Emperor in Qing Dynasty). On the stone stairs in front of the palace, there embedded a white stone dragon. The ancient painted pottery and colored drawing in the roof and corridor are also very fine. With red walls and turret, the temple is surrounded with brook and spring. In the west side, there are eight Buddhist temples, while in the east there are eight temple of Daoism. There are hundred of stele carvings in the temple. Every 15th, August, there are grand temple fair here. Many believers home and abroad come here to worship the god.

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from the urban area of Hengyang city, one can take bus NO 1 to the terminus (West Bus Station). And then take intercity bus to Hengyang County

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