Xiyanxian Cave

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According to “Hengyang County Annals”, the hill was obliged the name “Jinjue” in Tang Dynasty, so the hill was called Jinjue and the cave is tin cave.

Xiyanxian Cave is a limestone cave. It is deep and as complicated as a maze. The entrance to the cave is very small and one has to enter in sideways. After walking dozens of steps, it is suddenly enlightened and entered the front cave which consists of big and small stone caves. The rock is big and with a lot of strange stones, such as stalactite, stone forest, stelae and stalagmite. Some look like gold bell and jade drum; some looks like animals and birds; some look like Kwan-yin and arhat and kobold. It is really a paradise in the cave.

Walking in the cave, one would have a illusion of fairyland. Many literators are looking forward to visiting here. Now there are still dozens of poems remained in the cave by Xie Linyun, the famous landscape poet in Jin Dynasty.

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the bus from Hengyang to You County

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