Hengyang Travel Guide

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Hengyang Overview

Located in middle reaches of Xiang River, south of Mount Heng, Hengyang is a city with long history, culture and beautiful sceneries, winning the reputation of “a pearl in south China”. According to legend, the wild geese stop here and return when they fly from north to south, so Hengyang gets another name as “Wild Geese City”.

Hengyang has a long history. According to culture relics unearthed, five or six thousand years ago, people planted rice and bred pigs and cattle, leading a resident life here.

As the second largest city in Hunan province, Hengyang has advantage in geographical location, infrastructure, and natural resources. After Sui Dynasties, it has been an administration area under the jurisdiction of central government and in 1942 it established prefecture-level city administration. It is the hometown of PRC’s marshal Luo Ronghen, great thinker Wang Chuanshan and Cailun, who contributed a lot in paper making skill in the history.

Hengyang has resplendent culture and charming scenic spots. Mount Heng is a multi-functional spot with sightseeing, exploration, holiday and summer resort, famous for its mountainous sceneries, Buddhism and Daoism.