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Hengyang Food

Last updated by  at 2017/5/20

Hengyang Featured Food:

Hengyang Lotus Leaf Rice

Made of rice, egg, barbecued pork and shrimp, it is a famous traditional snack in Hengyang area. Method: wrap the mix of rice with fresh lotus leaf. Braise it with big fire. The lotus leaf is soft and delicate.

Nanyue Buddhism Pure Vegetable Food

The vegetarian meal of Mount Heng Buddhism is made with nice skills. The duplicates of fish and meat are almost the same to the real ones. The vegetarian food is delicious and with rich nutrition.

Yulin Waist

It is also called pagoda waist or Guanzuizi waist. It is of special style, beautiful sculpt. It has a shape of seven-layer pagoda, with main dishes in each layer. It is rich in taste and sorts. According to legend, it is created by Peng Yulin, a famous general of Zeng Guopan in Qing Dynasty. It is made on the base of Hengyang fish balls, Huangque balls and other snacks.

Changning Cool Agar Jelly

With a history of 1300 years, it is the local food of Changning. It is made from the fruit of ficus pumila. Method: peel the fruit, cut it, insolate it and put it inside a hop-pocket, marinate and rub it again and again to squeeze all the juice out; take out the pocket and wait for half an hour; the water has become crystal cool agar jelly. Cut it into pieces or sticks and add sugar, vinegar, garlic, capsicum, etc. The cool agar jelly is also called “snow in June”, “crystal jelly”.