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Hengyang Shopping

Hengyang Local Products:

Yunwu Tea

It is produced in Guangji Temple, Tiefo Temple, Huagai Temple and other places in Mount Heng. The leaves are dense, fine and a little rolled. Put in boiled water, the leaves are green, floating straightly in the water. The taste is strong and pure. According to “Tea Classics” by Lu Yu in Tang Dynasty, “the tea is produced in the south of the mountain, at the valleys of Hengshan County”. According to “History of Tang Dynasty”, “people treasures tea. There are various kinds of tea. Mengdingshihua in Jiannan is number one. In Hunan there is Mount Heng. In Yuezhou there is Zi Lake”.

Hengyang Black Lotus Seeds

It is produced in Taiyuan, Shanqiao and other places in Hengyang County. It is black, with a long history. It is big and fleshy and sweet. It is easy to be cooked and eaten.

Wood And Bamboo Carving

They are of different style, beautiful and vivid. It has high requirement on the skills. Different carving skills and reamers are used on different materials. They are full of folk style.

Nanyue Polygonatum

It is produced in Mount Heng. The polygonatum is big and sweet, with large flesh. It can be used as food ingredients to add to the taste of dish. It can be eaten and used as medicine, which can strengthen the five internal organs.

Nanyue Yan Mushroom

It is produced in Mount Heng. It is dark brown, with the shape of an umbrella. It can be used to make soup or other dishes.

Nanyue Bamboo Shoot

The bamboo shoots are produced in Mount Heng. There are various kinds of bamboo shoots there, with thin hull and good taste. The classic Kwan-yin bamboo shoot is delicate and tender. The dried ones can show the delicate taste better.

Jiepai Porcelain

With a long history and traditional crafts skills, they are with noble manner, beautiful, pure color, hard texture, various kinds of design and color.

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