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Hengyang Transport

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Hengyang has a very good transportation conditions in railway and highway. However, there's no airport in this city. You have to go to Changsha, the capital city to take a flight.

There is no airport in Hengyang. To take plane, one has to go to Huanghua Airport in Changsha or Hehua Airport in Zhangjiajie.

One can take a train to Changsha or take intercity bus from the east or west bus station to Zhangjiajie or Changsha.

Hengyang railway station is located at Zhuhui Area of Hengyang city. One can take bus NO 1, 16, 18 and city loop bus NO 2. Everyday, there are trains depart for Changsha, Zhangjiajie and some other cities in and out of Hunan province.

Ticket information call: 0734-2522222

Railway information call: 0734-8323252

There are two big long distance bus stations in Hengyang: the East Bus Station and West Bus Station.

The West Bus Station is located at Jiefangxi Road, can be reached by bus NO 1 and city loop bus B. Most of the intercity buses to other cities in Hunan , Jiangxi Province and Fujian Provinces depart from here.

The East Bus Station is located at Minghan Road, focusing on long distance passenger transport to cities and towns near Hengyang. In the urban area, Bus NO 7 can travel to the station.

Information call: 0734-8218742

There are 40-plus lines of city buses in Hengyang city, among which several lines are air-conditioning buses with a price of RMB2/passenger. City buses cover most of the rural area of Hengyang city. Transportation inside the city is very convenient.


There are many taxis in the rural area, which stop at beck. The flag-fall price is RMB 5, RMB 1.6 per kilometer. Taking taxi from railway station to any spot in urban area won’t be more than RMB 20. For example, the cost from railway station to Changshengdong road is RMB 12.