Hetian Museum

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Hetian Museum is famous history museum, opened to public in October, 2005, covering an area of 3.4 square kilometers.

There are 9066 pieces of historic relics are on show in the museum, among which one relics is under national protection and over 400 pieces of cultural relics were excavated from the ancient cities of Niya, Mallikurwatur, and Yotkan. The exhibitions include colored potteries, ancient coins, silk and woolen textiles, documents on wood slips, clay and wood sculptures, and mummies, reflecting the history, politics, economy, culture and customs of Hetian during the past 2000 years.

All these exhibitions show the important role that Hetian played on the Silk Road in the past. It is a window on Silk Road for us to learn the contributions Hetian made to cultural and trade exchange between central China and border areas of China, as well as between China and other west Asian countries.

Solo Adventure Tips:


It is located at No.342 Beijing Road, Hetian.

How to Get There?

1, to have a walk or ride a horse or camel to get there
2, to get there by cars
3,to take bus No.2 or No.6

Ticket Price:

10 RMB

Opening Hours:

Summer: 9: 30--13: 30, 16: 00--20: 00
Winter: 10: 00--14: 00, 15: 30--19: 30

More Tips:

1, It will be more interesting for tourists to have a walk or ride a horse or camel to get there than spending too much time in  the cars to get there. So a pair of comfortable shoes is also very important.
2, Photos restricted on first floor (archaeology) for a fee per image.
3, Photos allowed on second floor (ethnography).





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