Mallikurwatur Ruins

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The site is at the fringe of the Taklimakan Desert, some 17 kilometers west of the Luopu county. Mallikurwarur was Uygur language, which means White Castle.   

Majority of the ruins are buried underground in the deep sands. The only trace of the city is a broken section of a city wall in the north. The wall took shape of an arc and is 100 meters long, 2.60 meters high and 1.6 meters thick. It was built with adobes of different sizes. It is very interesting that all the adobes were carved with strange symbols and archeologists have collected many such seemingly queer signs but so far has no body figured out the meanings.    

Ancient stone tools, pottery pieces, coins, beads litter everywhere around the city wall.

Over this century, the ruins have seen groups of explorers and large amount of relic has been collected. However, as long as so far, archeologists are still unable to sketch out details of this mystical ancient city.

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