Ruins of Rewake Buddha Temple

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Rewake means pavilion in Uigur language. Since there stands many clay towers within the stupa, so it got the name Rewake, or Luowake, Yaowake, Lawake. It is a group of Buddha Temples with a tower as the centre, and is consisted of a tower in a square yard and the temples outside of the yard.

The tower faces the south, and there are two door-shaped gap in the middle of the southern end and the western corner, each side of the yard is 45 meters long. There is a small temple outside of the east wall, parts of the wall remains with plaster daubed on the inside wall. The inside of the temple's east wall contains some quaquversal tabernacles, and many gradually dwindled quaquversal grains were engraved on the wall. These grains are orderly and smooth, and it is said that there has been a real Buddha in the temple, however, the temple is almost entirely destroyed. Inside the yard, there are vestiges of clay figures of Buddha on the four sides of the yard wall, especially on the western and the eastern wall. Some of these figures are buried in the dunes, some are exposed outside, and others were destroyed.

The statues clings closely to the earth wall, first, people pack reeds into a tube figure, then use white puddle to mold the shape, at last, they would use red puddle to stress the details, but the original colored drawings have been mostly airslaked. The statuses were about 3 meters high, and there was an interval of 60 or 70 centimeters between two figures. On those walls which have not been airslaked, there are many frescoes and statuses for worship, the major color of these frescoes are red. The clay statuses bear a visible Jiantuoluo style with dense, fluent, and patternized ornamental grains.

Inside the yard is a stupa, which is an adobe building and was destroyed in many places. The base is generally a square, the body is in compound pattern, and is about six to seven meters high, the remnant is only 3 meters high. Judging from the vestiges, it is not a tier building. This tower is a typical Indian compound stupa with many red, black palladium and pieces of colored ceramic glazed pottery scattered in and out of the yard, many human bones, remnants of clay statuses and pieces of copper cash can also be seen scattered on the surface. There are traces of houses not far away, but just covered a small area. There is no historic record concerning the historic evolution of Rewake and the time limit of its survival, according to the unearthed cultural relics, those figures of Buddha, the style of the frescoes, and the tower-centered building style, the scholars concluded that Rewake is founded in the South and North dynasty and the Tang dynasty.


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take a regular bus to Luopu, then rent a cross-country jeep car to reach the site.

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