Sangzhu Petroglyphy

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Sangzhu petroglyphy is engraved on a piece of rock in the village of Wuerqi in Pishan County, Hetian. The picture faces directly towards the riverbank and has entered the lower range of Kunlun mountain. It is more than 3 meters long, and 1.3 meters high. On the picture, there are many portraits of human being with different postures: some were bending the bow and about to shoot, some were walking following the horses, and still others were riding on the horses; there are pictures of animals, mostly of those with two horns, similar to bighorns; there are also shapes of human hands and other simple lines without forming any concrete shapes.

Most of the human portraits are 27 centimeters high and 20 centimeters wide, while most of the animal pictures are 20 centimeters high and 23 centimeters wide. On the left corner of the picture, there are some character-like signs, which were engraved on the rock with certain hard tools. There are no traces of ancient relics around the petroglyphy and in the river channel, either there is any legend about it, the reason might be that it is too remote from us. The portraits of human and of animals are rather vivid and lively with simple lines and primitive style. People generally think it is a work of the primitive clan society to reflect the stock raising life and hunting life of the ancient epoch.


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take a bus from Hetian to Pishan, then take an autobus.

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