Shanpulu Ancient Tombs

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Brief introduction to the site:  

The site is about 4 kilometers long from the east to the west, and is 1 kilometer wide from the south to the north. The unearthed coffins were made of the logs of phoenix trees. In 1983, from August to November, the explorers came here and dug out about 20 tombs, including 2 large-scale cluster tomb, 16 independent tombs and two horse pits. Most of the dead bodies were adults, some of them were buried facing downward, some were buried facing upward, and their heads have no fixed directions. There are two horses in the pit, one is black and the other is white, the white horse bent its right rear leg while the other one straightens its two legs on the left side. Both of them have two white feathers stuck on the heads. There is also a whole dry body of a male in the left tomb.

There are thousands of pieces of the unearthed cultural relics, including great number of clothings, satin belts, laces, flowered cotton clothe, embroideries, and tease carpets, etc. There are many textiles and woolen works of many different kinds with rich colors and various ornamentations, which is a most valuable resource for the study of ancient Yutian’s technology and industrial arts, and there is also a typical brocade pattern of the Han Dynasty. The site is originally identified as a site of the Han Dynasty.

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take a bus from Hetian to Luopu, then take an autobus.

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