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The city of Arshaan, a word in Mongolian which means hot spring, is located at the Sino-Mongolia boundary. This area is famous for the four major grasslands that intersect on its grounds (including the famous Hulunbuir Grasslands in its east); as well, the towering Daxing’anling stops here, it is a premier resource of snow and ice accumulation, and the world’s largest hot springs have gushed here for centuries. It can be said that Arshaan is a city in the arms of prairies. In the summer, starting from Arshaan to the northeast, visitors can embrace the good feeling of going down Daxing’anling to embrace the Hulunbuir Grasslands full of red flowers, green trees, blue skies, crystal water, and even snow and ice. Then to the west of Arshaan is the Xilinguole Prairie, China’s largest animal breeding base where the grass is higher than the sheeps’ backs. The Hero Horqin Grasslands is to the south, and the sparsely populated Mongolia Steppes reside in the north. Indeed, the boundless prairie juxtaposed with the nearby noisy, crowded city forms a very strong contrast in visuals. Still, this is a land full of wonders and beauty, every bit worth a stop during your travels in China. Arshaan was selected as the Top Undiscovered China Attractions

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