Huitengxile grassland

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Cold in winter and cool in summer, Huitengxile Grasslands has a high summertime temperature of 18 degrees centigrade for an average year. Lying at an altitude of over 1800 meters above sea level, Huitengxile Grasslands stretches over 100 kilometers from east to west, and is dotted with some 100 lakes. The tourist can enjoy a wide variety of entertainment here, including horseback riding, camel riding, shooting, archery and Mongolian wrestling. Alternatively, one can hike up Aobao Mountain or visit the yurt of a Mongolian herdsman, where one can try out the exotic tastes of Mongolian "dairy " products, from hare's milk wine to fermented milk to Mongolian milk tea.


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How to Get There?

1) From Hohhot, you can take a bus to Wuzhong Banner, where you can rent an automobile and drive to the grasslands. Alternatively, you can proceed on from Wuzhong Banner to Zhuozishan by local bus, where, instead of stopping off at the grasslands, you can, from the window of the bus, enjoy the sight of the huge windmills that dot the landscape along the the Wuzhong-Zhuozishan highway as well as viewing the expanses of the grasslands that lie spread out before you.

2) An alternative suggestion, if you are a group, is to take the train from Hohhot to Zhuozishan, then rent a minivan at the railway station and drive to the grasslands from there. You will see the grasslands open up before your gaze when you pass the Dabeigou White Birch Scenic Area and the Ninety-Nine Springs Scenic Area.

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More Tips:

1) You can set up a tent for an overnight stay and enjoy the fresh air and a tranquil night spent under the stars on the vast grasslands.

2) You can elect to overnight with a Mongolian herdsman family, or stay at an inn.

3) If you want to go really exotic, you can spend a night in a herdsman's cave dwelling – it will guarantee you the unique experience of county life, Mongolian style!


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