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Mongolian Mutton Fondue

Last updated by  at 2017/6/20

Mongolian Mutton Fondue is a dish that dates back to the Yuan (CE 1279-1368) Dynasty. While there are different ways of preparing the dish in different regions, the following simple recipe and preparation method stems from Inner Mongolia, specifically, the region around Hohhot.

The material for producing an ingenious make-shift fire pot for cooking Mongolian Mutton Fondue comes from the sheep itself: the skull, the back, the hind legs, and the tail. When cooking Mongolian Mutton Fondue, one slices up the freshly-slaughtered sheep immediately, then boils it in oil seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs. The dish is served with a fermented tofu (soyabean curd) and seasoned sauce, to which are added the flowers of freshly-plucked chives. Bon appetit!