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Tianyuan Commercial Hall

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/4/23

Located in Zhongshan West Road of Hohhot, Tianyuan Commercial Hall is the "shopping paradise" in Inner Mongolia. On the 1F, top brand fashion clothing and accessories come from over 20 countries can be seen, which bring consumers the high rank with joy and value.

The 2F is a paradise for women with fashion barbershops, delicate salons and sweet wedding dress shops. The 3F is the most fashionable dressing design center. Many cloths boutiques can be found in the 4F. Sport and leisure are the main theme on the 5F. The 6F is the Early Learning Centre. All children products are sold here. The 7F is the cate center. There are different kinds of main theme restaurants and Chinese cate paradise here and you can enjoy many delicious dishes that come from all over the world.