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Zhongshan Road Business Street

Last updated by lindy at 2017/4/22

After 20 years development, Zhongshan Road Business Street has become the business center of Hohhot, the capital of Inner Mongolia. Zhongshan Road is also the center of Hohhot. Zhongshan Road Business Street is the Shopping Paradise in Hohhot. The main markets of Hohhot are all located in this road, like Minsu Market, Weiduoli Shopping Hall, Tianyuan Commercial Hall, etc.

The beautifully paved street, modern buildings surrounding it and the lively commercial promotions and performances make the street an attractive place to go shopping. It deals thousands of kinds of goods. It is the longest street which receives the largest number of customers and registers the highest business volume in the city. This street plays a decisive role in the local people' s lives.