Hong Kong Golden Bauhinia Square

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Situated near Hong Kong Convention Exhibition Center, Golden Bauhinia square is set up for remembering Hong Kong’s return to the motherland. The square is located in Hong Kong Wanzai new wing artificial island, the center of Victoria Harbor and a wonderful sightseeing place.

On 1st, July, 1997, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region was set up. Central Government presented a golden bauhinia bronze to Hong Kong. The official name of this 6 meters high bronze is Forever Bloom Bauhinia, symbolizing the everlasting prosperity of Hong Kong. The bronze was placed near the Convention Exhibition, facing to the sea. Thus the square was named Golden Bauhinia square.

Daily flag-raising and flag-lowering ceremonies in the square attract many citizens and tourists. At 8:00 on 1st every month, there is a flag-raising ceremony of national flag and HK Special Administration Region flag. Fifteen police officers dressed in formal attire, including 10 members with guns, a flag raiser and a police band take part in this important event. The police band will play the national anthem during the flag-raising ceremony and the police pipe band will play other music about 10 minutes after the finish of flag-raising ceremony.

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Flag-raising time:7:50-8:03;  7:45-8:03on 1st every month;  Flag-lowering time: 18:00

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