Hong Kong Sai Kung

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Hong Kong Sai Kung, paradise of seafood, is located in Sai Kung Peninsula in the east of New Territories. In Sai Kung, a small and narrow street runs through it, which is about 1 kilometer long. In the middles, there is a decorated archway with carved beams and painted pillars, which is the landmark building of Sai Kung. On both sides of the street, there are a number of seaside restaurants serving fresh seafood of a variety. Though those restaurants look simple, crude and traditional, even look like street vendor of Hong Kong in the early times at first glance. However, it’s those ordinary small restaurants that can leave you a memorable trip of delicious seafood. Thus, Sai Kung is the unique and unmissable place to enjoy mouthwatering seafood in Hong Kong. Besides, in Sai Kung, tourists can also satisfy their stomachs enjoying various gourmet food of Southeast Asia, such as Vietnamese dishes, Thai cuisine and Malaysian cuisine.

Hong Kong Sai Kung used to be a small fishing village before. Due to the increasing number of population afterwards, Sai Kung has become a popular resort of Hong Kong. In the street, you can see live various fish stores similar to aquariums, containing various colorful lobsters, crabs, shellfish and fishes. Hong Kong Sai Kung boasts beautiful natural scenery, and crowds of locals choose to spend weekends there. They would like to hire a boat, and tour the islet by boat. Or, someone like to stroll on the beach or hike and mountaineering.

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