Hong Kong Science Museum

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Hong Kong Science Museum is located in the east of Tsim Sha Tsui, near Hong Kong History Museum. It began to open to the public from 1992. The museum is composed of 4 storeys, 18 exhibition areas and 500 exhibits with extensive themes on display. It’s full of knowledge and pleasure, providing a place for visitors to discover the profound mystery of science personally, especially for those children who have deep love for science. Boasting the most complete equipments of its kind in Asia, Hong Kong Science Museum attracts an increasing number of tourists these years.

The exhibits are mainly distributed in five major exhibition halls, including the subjects of brief introduction, science, life science and technology. 80% of those exhibits can be touched and operated by visitors. The large-scale exhibits include a Cathay Pacific retirement DC3 plane hanging on the ceiling and a 22-meter-high energy shuttle which is the world’s largest one of its kind.

There are different kinds of scientific exhibits on display on each storey. In the underground hall, there are some exhibits about common science and technology. On the first storey, the exhibits are mainly about computers, introducing structures and application of computers. On the second storey, visitors can learn to drive a plane in a flight simulator. On the 3rd storey, there is the introduction of how to save energy.

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 No. 2, Science Museum Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (九龙尖沙咀科学馆道2号)

How to Get There?

Ticket Price:
25 yuan per person

Opening Hours:
13:00-21:00 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday;

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