Tai Long Wan

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Some kilometres away from Hong Kong, on the coastline of the Sai Kung peninsula, in the New Territories, a chain of sublime virgin beaches seem to belong to another world. There, neither railroad nor route. To reach this piece of heaven, you have to take, early in the morning, a bus to Sai Kung, another one to Pak Tam Au, and then follow a trail or rent a boat. On arrival, small shaded beachfront restaurants, surfing, wonderful natural secret swimming pools, white sand and emerald blue water will be the reward of the hikers who deserve a rest and are in need of a refreshing swim. Your walk takes you along coastline backed by lush tropical vegetation and forested ridges, offering spectacular mountains and coastal views.

Following a network of paths, you will pass two fascinating hamlets. Tai Long, probably, populated from the prehistory, remained a prosperous Hakka fishermen's village until 1950, time when most of its inhabitants emigrated. And further along, Ham Tin.

Tai Long Wan, “Big Wave Bay”, has some of the most beautiful, beaches of Hong Kong, all looking east to the surging Pacific Ocean. Remote and unspoilt, the water is probably the cleanest in Hong Kong.

Tai Wan, the most isolated and protected, is popular with surfers.

Ham Tin Wan, the smallest, with restaurants and campsite.

Finally, Sai Wan, the most animated.

To keep your feet dry, the only way to reach the Ham Tin Wan beach is to use the unstable single-plank bridge crossing a stream on the sand dunes.

Noticeable from Tai Wan and Ham Tin Wan, the impressive Sharp Peak (468 m). The climb is rough, but on arrival an amazing view on the peninsula.

Between Ham Tin and Sai Wan, from the sharp 1 km long trail which connects Ham Tin with Sai Wan, you will be treated to stunning plunging views on Tai Wan, Ham Tin Wan and the mountains in background.

To leave Tai Long Wan, hike back to the road towards the southwest by going out of Sai Wan and enjoy the panoramic sight along the High Island Reservoir. By reaching the main road, at Pak Tam Chung's exit, it is easy to catch a bus or a taxi to return to Sai Kung.

Built from 1971 to 1979, the reservoir has a capacity of 280 million m2, surpassing any other in the city. Since November 2009, it has been listed as part of the Hong Kong Global Geopark of China, highlighting its sizeable series of acidic rhyolite volcanic columns rarely seen in the world. Enjoy a sublime experience!

Starting Point: Pak Tam Au

End Point: Chui Tung Au –Sai Wan Pavilion

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Sai Kung District

How to Get There?

Take bus 94 from Sai Kung Town or, on Sundays and Public holidays take bus 96R from Diamond Hill MTR Station Exit C2 and get off at Pak Tam Au. Or, take a taxi from Sai Kung Town to Pak Tam Au.

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