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Chiu Chow Food

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Chiu Chow food which originated in the costal areas of eastern Guangdong is a branch of Canton food. Similar to Canton food, the main raw materials of Chiu Chow food are sea products and in cooking skills, very little amount of cooking oil and mild spices are used so that the natural flavor of the food is preserved.

But it differs from Canton food in that it has a variety of seasonnings and every dish is served with a catchup, a blending of many commonly-used souces. The most popular souce is the aromatic sate sauce which consists of peanut sauce, sesame sauce and shrimp sauce.

It's customary to serve Chaozhou Food with Kungfu tea prior to or after the meal. It is a kind of strong Wulong tea, regular drinking of which is belived effecient in increasing appetite,aiding digestion, good to health.

Recommended dishes: Chiu Chow cold crab, Chiu Chow cold platter, famous stove live fish, spiced duck, chicken in shape of megranate and peony.

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627-641, Nathan Road


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30, Peace Avenue, Ho Man Tin


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1, Kangle Square


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23-25, Hysan Avenue



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