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Famous Food Streets

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Sham Tseng of Tsuen Wan

Sham Tseng of Tsuen Wan, New Territories is famous for its tasty roasted goose which is fat but fresh and attracts numerous customers.

Lan Kwai Fong of Central

As the most famous gathering place for foreign delicacies in Hong Kong, Lan Kwai Fong has restaurants serving flavors of different countries as well as bars and discos, thus it is the most favorite place for foreigners. At the same time, it attracts numerous Hong Kong residents to dine, drink and entertain themselves. Sometimes, visitors can see Hong Kong movie stars here.

New Lan Kwai Fong

The new Lan Kwai Fong on Stanley Street and Elgin Street is near the Lan Kwai Fong. In the region, there are about 20 restaurants serving featured flavors from different countries, including Mexican food, Spanish food, Vietnam food, Italian food, Mediterranean food and so on. It is a meeting place for Hong Kong’s new generation.

Kowloon Lan Kwai Fong

Located on Knutsford Terrace of Tsin Sha Tsul, it is small but has nine restaurants and bars that are warmly welcomed by Hong Kong residents, including restaurants for Japanese food, Italian food, Spanish food, etc. Besides, it is near the Austin Road with lots of bars.

Hong Kong Small Harajuku

It is located on Sung Kit Street of Baile Street, Hung Hom. Collected dozens of Japanese restaurants, it is the favorite place for Japan favor. Decorated in Japanese style, all the material of the Japanese restaurants is transported from Japan by air. However, the price is relatively low.

Delicacies in Kowloon City

There are a lot of restaurants with different characteristics on Junction Road, Prince Edward Road West and Carpenter Road. The price is reasonable and the food is pretty tasty and Thai restaurants are most popular here.

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