Mouni Valley

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Mouni Valley Scenic Resort is 36 kilometers far away from the west urban of Songpan County. It is over 300 kilometers far from Chengdu. The resort has an area of 160 square kilometers. The lowest altitude is 2800 meters, while the highest one is 4070 meters. The mean temperature here is 7℃. It is consisted of Zhaga Waterfall and Erdaohai Lake. In this scenic area, it has fresh air and enough sunshine. It is very charming as it has features of waterfalls, colorful ponds, grasslands, pools, springs, caves, etc. Moreover, it is also characterized in the strong folk customs. Therefore, it is a place combining the beauty together with the scenic and historic interest areas of Jiuzhaigou Valley and Huanglong. What’s more, visitors can travel in winter as there is no traffic problem here.

Zhaga Waterfall Scenic Area

Zhaga Waterfall Scenic Area is 5 kilometers in length. The paths traverse through waterfalls and forests. Besides the major waterfall, there are countless small waterfalls scattering over firs and pines. It is a natural labyrinth as water flows among trees while trees grows in the water.

Zhaga Waterfall

Zhaga Waterfall is 93.2 meters in height, and 35~40 meters in width. It is the higgest and largest calc-sinter waterfall in China. The waterfall flows with a speed of 23 meters per second. The huge sound can be heard within several kilometers.

The Folding Waterfalls in the forest

Ponds are piled up together under waterfalls. Walking along the path at the button, visitors can enjoy seeing the Red Willow Lake, Wolong Beach, Toad Palace, the Green Willow Beach, etc.

Jianyu Stage

JIanyu Stage lies at the button of Zhaga Waterfall. It is a round stone stage. When waterfall reaches the stone stage, the water splashes all over. In the sunshine, the drops are as colorful as jades.

Wild Duck Lake

Wide Duck Lake is located at the forest center of Zhaga Scenic Area. It is the paradise for wild ducks, wild gray cranes and other wild waterfowls. Every year, thousands of migratory birds come to rest near the lake.

Ancient Fossil Area

The ancient fossil area lies at the entrance from Sanlian town to Zhaga waterfall and the stone forest. Since it is primitive and close, lots of fossils of ancient plants, animals, and sea creatures didn’t been destroyed at all. They are the treasure house for biologists to study.

The Moon Lake

The Moon Lake is at the halfway up Luoshiling Hill. The water in the lake is very clear. Lush bushes and flowers grow near the lake. When the moon lights up, the water in the lake appears jewelry blue.

The Stone Forest

The Stone Forest is the last spot on the tourist line of Ancient Fossil Area. The stone pillars and stalagmites are in different shapes. Some look like slim beauties, some like brave warriors, some like straight pines, and some like animals.

The Jadeite Spring

The Jadeite Spring is one of the ten famous springs in China. Local people found that the spring water could cure some diseases, such as stomach disease, arthritis, etc. Some of them come here and bring back some water to drink or shower. Magically, people are recovered after drinking or taking shower. Therefore, the spring is regarded as the Holy Spring by local people. It is tested that the spring contains many kinds of mineral formations, such as zinc, strontium,etc. It is not only the natural drinking spring with good quality, but also of high medical value. Erdaohai Lake Scenic Area According to , it named Erdaohai Lake because the two lakes combined together and looked like two eyes. It is at the west of Songpan urban area and the back of Ma’anshan Hill. The scenic area is a narrow valley, with the length of 5 kilometers. In the valley, there are lush old trees, thick mosses, and kinds of wild animals. On the way from the entrance to Zhaga Waterfall, lakes and ponds scatter as terraces. When entering this resort, visitors will feel as if they were back to the ancient time.

The Five Ponds

The reason why the ponds call the Five Ponds is because the five ponds are connected together. The Five Ponds are all the ice-bedrock lakes. They are characterized in Karst features with unique stones, the calc-sinter buttons, etc.

Kuashi Cave

Kuashi Cave is next to the Five Ponds. It has an area of about 10 square kilometers. The fossils of animals and plants scatter in the order of altitude’s change. It is a natural fossils museum of wild animals and plants.

Toudaohai Lake

Toudaohai Lake is the first big pond when entering Mouni Valley. Firs, cypress trees grow all over here. The tree fragments form countless amazing phenomenons, after long time calcified.

Swan Lake

It is famous for wild ducks and swans. Some giant pandas, takins, donkeys, deer, blue sheep, etc, come to drink at this lake. The water in this lake appears jewelry blue, and looks like a shining crystal.

Erdaohai Lake

Erdaohai Lake lies at the center of the resort. It has the total area of over 6800 square meters. It is the biggest lake at this scenic area. There are lots of caves under the button of the lake. Water can flow to each lake through those caves. Although it looks peaceful on the surface, it is very torrential under the buttons. The color of the lakes changes as season’s change at the same time.

Ginseng Pond

There is an old tree lies in the lake. It looks like a huge ginseng after long time calcified. And the branches of the tree are calcified as ginseng’s tassels.

Baihua Lake

The turquoise lake water looks unfathomable. The button can be seen clearly even though it is over ten meters in depth. Numerous water grasses grow under the button. And some of them give off the surface. Hundreds of flowers of the water grasses decorate the surface, with the colors of white, golden, blue, etc. In early summer, the lake is covered with blue flowers, while in fall, the whole lake changes to golden color.

The Frogs Kingdom

There is a magic marshland near Baihua Lake. Reeds and wild flowers grow all over the marshland. There live lots of birds and kinds of frogs, toads, etc. The frogs and toads sing all day and all night. So when entering the marshland, visitors can hear the magic songs sung by frogs.

The Pearl Lake

The Peal Lake also names “the lake of boiling pearls”. It occupies over 40 square meters. And it lies at the deepest place at Erdaohai Scenic Area. There are splashing drops on the surface of the lake, because the springs spray out from the button. It looks as if pearls are boiled over the surface. It is said that it was the shower bath of curing diseases for fairy maidens built by Huanglong, the yellow dragon. The temperature in this lake is very high. Even in winter, the temperature is 20℃ in the lake. Near the lake, there is an old pine tree. In every summer, people nearby come to take bath here, in order to get rid of any disease.

The Rhino Nose

Two round halls line together on the bank of the calc-sinter pond. The halls are as big as bowels. They look like the nostrils of the rhino. Clear springs flow out from the halls every few seconds. It is said that if one couple can shake their hands together under the two halls, their marriage will be very happy in the future. Although it is just a tale, many young couples always want to prove whether they can have happy marriage or not.

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