Red Star Cave Scenic Area

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Do you know the cave is located in part of the scenic and historic Huanglong area in the Sichuan region of China in the Minshan Mountain area? Yes, the entire area was designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1992 and is an amazing place to visit.

The landscape is an example of Karst topography with caves and ponds scoured out of the limestone rocks. The area was also influenced by glaciers that were formed in the Fourth Great ice age. There are magnificent lakes and temples in the area and one not to miss is this cave in the cliffs above one of the many lakes in the region.

Located in the eastern area of the Zhangla basin is another area of Karst landscape and here you will find the Red Star cave. It is located in the western side of the Minshin Mountain range. The cave is situated in a cliff above the Red-star Lake, a lake with 5 points like a star that is coloured red from mineral deposits. Unlike the Yingbin ponds and other pools in the area this lake is not clear and blue but red.


The cave is situated in a cliff above a symmetrical 5 pointed lake that looks like a star when seen from above. The Karst landscape of the area is unique to areas of limestone that have weathered over the many thousands of years since the Fourth Ice age.
Apart from this amazing scenery the mountains are covered in lush green vegetation comprising evergreen trees and shrubs and many flowering plants and shrubs. In spring the area is colourful with its many flowers, butterflies and birds.


Due to the high altitude in the mountains visitor need to be aware of the changes in altitude and what it can do to you. The air here is quite thin and eating more fruit to increase your sugar levels will help and there are also stops along the way where you can buy bags of oxygen if you are suffering from altitude sicknes

Day and night temperatures can differ greatly so you will need warm and waterproof clothing to be comfortable when you visit the cave.

There can be a lot of heavy rain from May until September so it is important that you are prepared for this weather.

It is better to stay outside of Huanglong in one of the towns as villages as this will be cheaper than accommodation in the town of Huanglong itself.

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How to Get There?

A good place to start out is Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan province that is 300km from the scenic area. It is accessible by plane and trains from other parts of China. You can then fly direct to Huanglong or take one of several bus trips from Chengdu and see more of the magnificent countryside on the way.

Taxis are available to hire to take you to Red-star cave and Lake.

Ticket Price:

The price to enter the Huanglong scenic area differs from high season to low season and you will need to enter the Huanglong Scenic area to see the Red-star cave area.

In the high season, from April 1st to the November 15th, it is CNY200 per person
In the low season, from November 16th to end of March, it is CNY60 per person.

Opening Hours:

The area is open to visitors from 9.10 am until 4.40pm.

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