Sigou Valley

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The Sigou Valley Scenic Area is a spacious ancient glacier valley located about 12 kilometers away from Huanglong Valley in China where the town of Huanglong can also be found. This scenic area is a popular tourist spot in China because of its extremely high peaks reaching up to the sky; the sight never fails to fascinate those who visit the area.

Due to the sight and its high-altitude location, the scenic area in Sigou Valley differs from the nearby tourist spots like Huanglong Scenic Area and the Historic Interest Area, which is why it is worth a visit if you’re in the area.

What You Will See in Sigou Valley Scenic Area

The Sigou Valley Scenic Area is situated at an altitude of 2700 meters to 4200 meters. Before you enter the valley, there is a spacious terrace at the entrance where the view is majestic. Within the valley, there are spacious beaches, forests, and glaciers that have been successfully preserved and thus still retain their original looks dating back to ancient times. It’s a great place to visit and spend an afternoon of exploration in.

The area also has wide expanses of plain hillsides with a lot of patches of farmlands. There grows a lot of pink buckwheat and green highland barley fenced in by round wood, which extends to the forest area. In the middle of the spacious grassland, there is also a watershed where there are lakes formed by glaciers. This is the same area where the famous Long’an Horse Path passed by, and until now, the wide paths can still be seen.

Primitive forest
 The forest area is a remnant of the primitive forest that was formed way back in the fourth period of the Ice Age. The area is not very pleasant for leisure trips as it is full of fault rocks and unique glacial landforms. It is, however, very popular in earthquake geology studies. Beyond the forest, there are some high hills where some deserts could be seen. The forests and the hills were formed by the concentrated earth movement that occurred in the Himalaya region in ancient times. The unique sight is popular among visitors who love science and adventure, as long as they are prepared for the trek going there.

Huanglong town
 Across the forest area, on the other hand, there are a lot of folk Tibetan dwellings that make up the quiet and charismatic town of Huanglong. The town is situated in the deeper recesses of the mountain, and the whole place as well as its atmosphere all resembles life in the middle ages. This thus gives visitors a look at ancient Chinese life, which is part of the reason that attracts tourists to the area.

The town is also peopled by folks of Han nationality who settled in the area a long time ago, but they have adopted the customs and culture of the Tibetan people who also lived there for a long time. Some old traditions and day-to-day habits of ancient Han nationality are still practiced among them though, but due to this mix of cultures, the custom of the folk of Huanglong town is very unique. Visitors are always welcome to stay at the homes of the local people, who often receive them with a cup of native buttered tea and some highland barley wine.

Visiting the Sigou Valley

To get to the Sigou Valley, visitors have to take the bus and get off near the valley. Once there, they can only proceed either on foot or on a horse to get into the valley itself, where they can enjoy the natural scenery of the ancient forest and the grassy farmlands.

The Sigou Valley Scenic Area is open to all visitors at any time, and some visitors may even stay in the town with the natives. Travelers, however, are advised to leave or to stay with in the town in the evening, as there are no shelter in the forests and the farmlands.

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