Yingbin Pond

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This incredibly beautiful natural feature is located in the scenic area of Huanglong. This area is found in the Sichuan area of China in the county of Songpan. The area is approximately 150km NNW of its capital Chengdu.
This magnificent area of China encompasses a little over 3 kilometres of valley but contains some of the most outstanding scenery in the country.In 1992, Huanglong scenic and historic area was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This area is a wonderful example of a Karst landscape. The area is mainly made up of deposits of calcium carbonate or limestone.
The area has diverse plant life with many flowering plants showing their colours in the spring time. There are also many different colours of butterflies and birds to see in this beautiful region of China. The area is broken up by lovely pavilions and snaking paths that will take you around this area.
This must be one of the most beautiful scenic areas in the world today and with its World Heritage listing you really cannot afford to miss this magnificent and diverse scenery on a visit to China.


The ponds are surrounded by a lush vegetation of evergreen trees and flowering shrubs and plants. The area is a photographers dream with all of the wonderful colours of the ponds and the Karst landscape provides a totally different picture from other parts of China. 

The many colours of Yingbin Pond with trees reflected on the mirror like surface.

The pond is made up of more than 100 pools of differing size. The ponds are like glass and reflect the many trees and magnificent scenery around them. The pools are bordered by banks of deposited limestone that was dissolved many years ago by rainwater and melt water from the glaciers that were in the region.

Getting there

You can fly to Huanglong from many towns in China and you can fly to Chengdu the areas capital and travel by bus. There is also a Bullet train from Shanghai to Chengdu. Si it is an easy place to get to.
There are 3 different bus routes you can take from Chengdu to Huanglong Scenic area. Transportation in the area is very good and there is also good coverage for your mobile phone as well as many public phones and cafes with internet access along the way.
From Chengdu travel to Mianyang then on to Pingwu and Juizhaigou and then to Huanglong 
Chengdu to Dujiangyan then on to Wenchuan and Songpan then to Huanglong. 
Chengdu to Guangyuan then to Jiuzhaigou via the towns of Zhaohua and Wenxian and onto Huanglong.

Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?

Ticket Price:

The price to enter the Huanglong scenic area differs from high season to low season.

In the high season, from April 1st to the November 15th, it is CNY200 per person.
In the low season, from November 16th to end of March, it is CNY60 per person.

Opening Hours:

The area is open to visitors from 9.10 am until 4.40pm.

More Tips:

when to visit

As it is in the mountains temperatures are quite low averaging only 7 degrees Celsius year round and is misty and foggy in early morning and evening times. You will need warm and water proof clothing to make your trip in comfort.
It is also advisable to stay outside of Huanglong as it can be expensive for accommodation and food.
The best way is to visit the area on a day trip.

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