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Huanglong Weather

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/19

The average temperature is around 7 ℃ all the year round. It is misty in the morning and evening and rainy from May to August.

Aba has a complex landform, and therefore, has various types of the climate. The temperature is higher in the southeast, but lower in the northwest, because of the changing altitude.

The hilly plateaus in the northwest belong to the continental plateau monsoon climate. Therefore, the features of the four seasons are not too distinct. The weather in winter is cold and long, but cool and moisture in summer. The mean temperature is 0.8℃~4.3℃. The region of plains and hills belongs to the cool and semi-moisture climate.

Thus, it is cool in summer and cold in winter and spring. The climate changes vertically. In the high hills, it is moisture and chilly. In valleys, it is dry, warm and cool. The mean temperature is 5.6℃~8.9℃. In those areas, with the change of the altitude, the climate zone changes from the subtropical zone to the temperate zone, the cool temperate zone, and finally to the Frigid Zone.