Jiuhuashan Mountain


This mountain range is located in the Anhui province of China. Its translation means “Nine Glorious Mountains”. To the Buddhists of China it is one of the four mountains to be considered as sacred. Located in the county of Quinyang, which is famed for its majestic landscapes and temples and shrines, the tallest mountain peak is called Tiantai, which many Buddhists aim to climb.
The temples in the area are dedicated Dizang Buddhisattva and there was known to be up to 3000 nuns and monks living in over 350 temples and shrines in the area. It has been a religious area for many hundreds of years and continues to be a centre for religious studies today.
Covering over 100 square kilometres, of which 114 is protected; this magnificent area was opened to the public in 1979 and since then has become well known as a place to visit when in China. If only to see the magnificent scenery of the area with its soaring mountains you will be amazed by the history and religion of the area.


There are many trails you can walk and hike along to take advantage of the magnificent views of the mountains and visit many temples along the way.
There is a cable car that will take you to the most revered, Tiantai Peak, at a height of 1341 metres above sea level. It is also possible to hire a porter to carry your pack and other gear up to the peak. 
The mountainous scenery is quite magnificent when seen from one of the 99 peaks in this mountainous area. The peaks are formed along the 14 ridges in the area.  The area also contains many waterfalls, deep pools, ancient caves and overhanging cliffs. Many of the temples are hidden in areas of dense bushland and are a wonder to suddenly turn a corner in the trail and glimpse one of these magnificent structures.
Some places you should see are the temples of Dongha and Arhats, and to see the monks visit Diyuan temple in the evening.

Getting to Jiuhuashan

The Jiuhuashan mountain region is away from the main city areas and will take a day of travelling to get to this wonderful area. 
You can also fly from one of the major cities into Nanjing, Tunxi and Hefei airports than catch the buses direct to Jiuhuashan.
You will need to catch a train from the city of Shanghai to the town of Nanjing and then from the bus station at Hanfu Jie, then a bus will take you to Jiuhuashan. The train station is under construction at Jiuhuashan.
Buses also leave from other places such as Wuhan, Ningbo, Hangzhou and Suzhou directly to the area.

Where to stay?

If you do not wish to travel by bus and train you can have a hiking adventure and stay at many of the local monasteries along the way. There are also many inns along the road or you can stay in Jiuhuashan in one of the hotels or hostels.

Solo Adventure Tips:


How to Get There?

Taxis are also available to show you around this area and will cost you between CNY 30.00 and 50.00 to visit specific areas.

Ticket Price:

Tickets are available for the high and low seasons and price varies accordingly. Prices are for 1 person only.

In the high season, it will cost CNY 190.00 from March 1st to the end of November.
In the low season, it will cost CNY 140.00 from December 1st to the end of February.

Opening Hours:

More Tips:

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