West Sea Grand Canyon

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The Xihai, or West Sea, Scenic Area offers some of the most beautiful, most enthralling landscapes on Yellow Mountain. Covering some of Yellow Mountain's most prime scenery, including the West Sea Grand Canyon itself, the V-shaped West Sea Grand Canyon tour presents the visitor with some spectacular, if not breath-taking – sometimes quite literally, panoramas as well as views of a number of unique and bizzarely shaped rock formations with imaginative nicknames.

west sea grand canyon

Such as Upside-Down Boot, Lady Playing the Piano, Dog Watching the Sky, and Man Walking on Stilts. In addition, the visitor can behold several cloud-bathed peaks such as Archway Peak, Double Bamboo-Shoot Peak, Nine-Dragons Peak, Pine-Forest Peak, Stone-Bed Peak, and Stone-Pillar Peak.



The two entrances/ exits of the West Sea Grand Canyon tour are the Walking Fairyland Bridge in the south and the Cloud-Dispelling Pavilion in the north. These have elevations of 1320 m and 1430 m above sea level, respectively, while the canyon floor at Tianhai is at 600 m above sea level.

Beginning at either of the two entrances, the visitor must cover a distance of about 9½ km in all – a hike of about 4 hrs – in order to complete the "V" of the West Sea Grand Canyon tour. For example, a complete tour beginning at the Cloud-Dispelling Pavilion involves a 4½ km hike to Walking Fairyland Bridge, where one has a spectacular view of the canyon, and then on to the canyon floor itself at Tianhai (Haixin Pavilion), which corresponds, roughly, to the "bottom" point of the tour's "V". 

As this involves a relatively sharp descent, the sourrounding cliffs and peaks appear to extend higher and higher. Majestically tall – and verdant, due to the ideal climatic conditions – pine trees are to be seen everywhere, some being so old that the local people have lovingly given them names.


The scenery changes as one proceeds along this route, which, in some places, is along a sheer drop, though protected by a barrier. From the bottom of the canyon floor one proceeds back along the other leg of the "V" towards the exit at the White Cloud Area (alternatively, one can take the reverse route).

The complete, entrance-to-exit West Sea Grand Canyon tour is a demanding hike that is decidedly not for the frail or faint of heart. For those who require a less-rigorous hike, an easier option would be to follow only a portion of the route from either entrance, then return to that entrance point along the same route. Under all circumstances, the visitor should definitely follow a portion of the hike, as it will provide stunning imagery that will last a lifetime.

The Vertical Cliff

There is a saying, "If you see the five great mountains of China you don't have to bother seeing any other mountains. But if you see Huangshan, you don't have to see the other great mountains of China". This canyon is astoundingly spectacular. The canyon is vertical cliff, so the builders of the staircases have basically stuck staircases to the cliff faces. The stone forests in the movie Avatar were based on the visually stunning scenery of the mountain.

The staircases are so steep that it will make visitors daunting and if visitors have vertigo, there are precipitous drops if you look over the side. The weather also cannot be predicted and it can be a big unknown – because of the high altitude, mist and rain are more frequent here than clear skies. There are canyons, spires, and scenery so spectacular it can simply be visual overload.

The staircases descend giddily towards the bottom of the canyon - and then there's the climb back up, there visitors can see gnarly pine trees and vegetation clinging to the rock. With the cool weather and plenty of rest spots though, this is definitely one of the top attractions on the mountain!

Solo Adventure Tips:


 on the west of Yellow Mountain

How to Get There?

Take bus from the downtown of Yellow Mountain, and then take the special bus offered by Yellow Mountain scenic spot to get Yellow Mountain, the West Sea Grand Canyon is in the western area of Yellow Mountain scenic spot, sustomers could walk there.

Ticket Price:

for free

Opening Hours:

all day

More Tips:

Visitors who want to hike into the WestSea Grand Canyon should consider carefully about their physical ability .

Visitors who want to stay overnight there could live in the hotel on Yellow Mountain and get up as early as 4:30 to catch the amazing sunrise.

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