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Crab Shell Yellow Fried Cake

Last updated by drwi at 2017/6/19

Crab Shell Yellow Fried Cake is in fact a meat-&-vegetable-filled pastry that can't justifiably be compared to its dour-looking Russian half-cousin, the pierogie, as it is more akin to the baked-in-a-form British meat pie (though it might be favorably compared to the pirozhky served in the famous-in-Seattle Pirozhky-Pirozhky fast-food Take-Away Restaurant in Seattle’s Pike Place Market, whose staff, incidentally, look suspiciously Chinese... from Huangshan, I presume?).

Crab Shell Yellow Fried Cake uses the very best cubed, fresh vegetables and meat (typically pork) as its filling. It is slowly roasted in a specially-made charcoal oven until it reaches the golden yellow color of a crab shell. Crab Shell Yellow Fried Cake is an ideal substitute for the typical bread-and-butter of a European Continental breakfast (eg., a croissant), or as a complement to tea, anytime.