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Mao Bean Curd

Last updated by TheMagicPen at 2017/4/29

Mao Bean curd, also called Huizhou funky bean curd, is a traditional snack in Huizhou. It’s fit to eat in four seasons, and suitable for serving in feast too. Seller usually carries Mao bean curd with a shoulder pole, putting dry sticks and a pan in one end, and Mao bean curd, sesame oil and hot pepper in the other. When oil is fried up, the hot and pleasant Mao bean curd begins to give that ‘Zizi’ sounds on the pan, stirring up appetite of passersby. To most people, it may seem a little inconvenient to eat Mao bean curd on a booth for the first time: people don't use bowls; standing beside the pan, they eat with chopsticks. That’s an interesting way to challenge yourself.