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Tunxi ancient street

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/19

Tunxi Ancient Street is the most distinctive street in Huangshan.
Tunxi Ancient Street is situated in the center of Tunxi District, at the foot of the Mt. Huangshan, the location of Huangshan City Government. The street starts in the west at Zhenhai Bridge and ends in the east at the Memorial Archway. It is paved with maroon flagstones with a total length of 1,273 meters (about 1,392 yards), of which 895meters (about 979 yards) is the pedestrian commercial street. In this ancient city some of buildings date back to the Song Dynasty over 700 years ago. More noticeable are the buildings from the Ming and Qing Dynasties (1368-1911).Most of the buildings are only three stories high, stone-based and brick-laid. They are decorated with small green tiles, wood carvings in the Hui style, ancient shop signs, and red-lacquered with double eaves on the roofs. They are simple and elegant, magnificent and clean. The pavement is 5 to 8 meters wide, laid with large red flagstones. The shop names in the ancient street have a lot of culture meanings, which shows that the merchants in Huizhou are scholar-merchants. In Tunxi Ancient Street, you can see al kinds of special local products of Yellow Mountain like tea, inkstones, and some antiques. And the most famous restaurant-Lao Jie Yi Lou is also located there,you can enjoy the nice foods after you do some shopping there.