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With a long history and splendid cultures, Huangshan City is located in southern Anhui Province. In the Jin Dynasty (265-420) Huangshan City was called Xin' an county. And the name was changed to Huizhou until the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The city was famed for local businessmen, Anhui carvings, Xin'an art school, Xin'an medicine, architecture of the Hui style, Anhui cuisine, and Anhui opera (one of the tonalities of Beijing Opera).

Meanwhile, the notable ones are the scenic spots of Huangshan. They are the key ancient China interests- Tangyue Memorial Archway, Tunxi Ancient Street and ancient villages of Yixian County. Historians at home and abroad regard Huangshan City as a museum of natural history and culture in China.

Since Huangshan City is a tourist city with a pleasant climate, travel plans often have not been interrupted by weather. You can enjoy the sights of Huangshan City, throughout the year, such as Tunxi Ancient Street, Xidi, Hongcun Ancient Villages, Tangyue Archways, Flower Mountain and Enigma Caves. And each season there will offer different appealing features.

The transportation is efficient. Upgrading airlines, railways, highways and city transportation have advanced the development of tourism. Various grades of hotels, restaurants, and recreation and shopping centers are also available. And it is more wonderful to try Hui dishes, snacks and local products and especially the memorable Huangshan tea.

Huangshan Travel Ideas

Huangshan Attractions

The city of Huangshan is called Huizhou in the old days, and now it name after the famous Yellow Mountain. As an important birthplace of Hui Culture, Huangshan combines nature beauty and vibrant culture to explorer; the travel resources include ancient villages, old streets , hot springs and the one

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Huangshan Weather

Located in the east of China, Huangshan has a humid subtropical monsoon climate with four distinct seasons. This article will help you decide on the best time to visit Huangshan.Huangshan receives plentiful rainfall, particularly in the Yellow Mountains area. The city receives rain on more than 180

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Huangshan Transport

Huangshan is in East China. It is very convenient to visit connect it with other popular tourist destinations by train, flight or bus. Departure Arrival Distance Driving Time Huangshan downtown Huangshan Tunxi Airport 9 km 17 mins Huangshan Railway station 4 km 10 mi

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