Hubei Festivals

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1 International Tour Festival in Wuhan, China

Time:It is held at the end of September or the beginning of October each year.

Introductionnternational Tour Festival in Wuhan, China has been held three times since 2002 which saw its first, and the durence has changed from 3 days to 10 days. It is the tour show of the perfomances of different artists and teams from tens of countries and the chance to meet different cultures.

2 East Lake Plum Blossom Festival

Time It starts between Feburary and March each year.

Introduction Moshan Plum Blossom Garden in East lake, about 33.5 hektares,  is the first of four greatest plum blossom grardens in China, which was built in 1956,  and since 1982, big plum blossom shows have been held in East lake in the first Spring of each year. In 1984, plum blossom was appointed to symbolize Wuhan. In 1991 international plum blossom festival was opened here. In 1997 the fifth China Calyx Canthus Show started here. And 2002 saw the First Plum Blossom Feistival in Wuhan, China. During the festivals,there was a diplay of more than 200 kinds of plum blossoms, various quincuncial piles, plum blossom scenes, paintings and calligraphy and photograph shows of plum blossom, and plum blossom art show in Moshan Plum Blossom Garden.

3 International Dragonboat Festival in Jingzhou, China

TimeIt is held in May of the Chinese lunar calendar each year.

IntroductionInternational Dragonboat Festival in Jingzhou, China is an international festival developed from 2001 Jingzhou Dragonboat Festival. It is held in May of the Chinese lunar calendar each year. It has its own cultural elements, including one match (dragonbaot match) and five meetings (dragonboat temple fair, dragonboat lantern show, dragonbaot songs show, dragonbaot culture research meeting and saluting Guan Gong Ceremony)  and other activities like tour products recommending and these fairs attracing investments. The festival make effects in delevoping local economy.

4 Guan Di Temple Fair

TimeIt is held twice a year, in the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar and on the 13th of 5th month of the lunar calendar.

Introduction Each year, the first month of the Chinese lunar calendar can see people in Jingzhou hold large scale temple fairs at Guan Di Temple to glorify Guan Gong’s vitory over Wu and his loyalism. The activity becomes an international tour festival on which travellers can buy a lot of souvenirs about Guan Gong.

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