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Hubei Transport

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Hubei Transport System

Hubei is one of the provinces located in the central part of Peoples Republic of China. Its provincial capital of Wuhan is a major economic hub, a cultural center and a seat of political power in the country. The province has 185,900 square kilometers of land and a population of 57,237,740 people.

Providing transportation to this population and the products they produce is not going to be an easy task. But fortunately the province has a good road network, a network of railway lines and some useful waterways on which it could depend on to provide transport needs of its people.

Airports in Hubei

Hubei is well connected to the rest of the cities in china through air transport as it has six airports. Tinhe international airport in Wuhan is the largest of them. Also, it is the largest in Central China. In addition to the domestic airports in China some of the international airports also are linked to Wuhan with a number of international airlines serving the city. Some of the cities that are connected to Wuhan by air are Phuket in Thailand, Fukuoka in Japan and Seoul and Cheju in South Korea. Therefore, tourists and other passengers who want to visit Hubei province could use these air links also.

Railway in Hubei

Wuhan is the capital of the province which is connected to rest of China with a network of railways. There are six railway lines that are passing through the province of Hubei. The one that connects Beijing with the city of Guangzhou which is called the Jing-Guang line is the busiest of all the six lines. One could reach most of the major cities using railways that are plying on these lines. In addition to that some of the major cities in other provinces of China could be accessed through this railway network. Most of the Train s are modern high speed ones. Some of them are bullet trains that achieve speeds up to 250kmph.

Highway in Hubei

As China has a good network of highways road transport is the most popular mode of transport there. Also, it is the cheapest when compared to rail services and air transport. Therefore, within Hubei there is the possibility for one to reach any city by bus as there is a good bus service between cities within the province. In addition to that there are busses plying between major cities of other provinces in China and cities in Hubei. Wuhan is the best connected city to the cities in other provinces of China. Chinese bus companies use modern busses to provide these bus services.

Waterway in Hubei

Hubei is one of the Chinese provinces that use its waterways a lot for transport of goods. Yangtze and Hanjiang are the two major rivers used for the purpose. A lot of foreign ships call over in river ports of Wuhan, Huangshi, Yichang and Shashi. Wuhan is one of the largest ports. Shipping lines from Japan, Hong Kong and some of the South Asian countries use this port to transport their cargo. In addition to the ports located on the Yangtze, there are the two ports of Xiangfan and Laohekou that are located on the river Hanjiang.  

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