Dalai Lake

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Dalai Lake, also named Hulun Lake, is the fifth largest lake of our country and the largest lake of the Inner Mongolia. Covering an area of 3,253 square kilometers, it is an integrated Nature Reserve to mainly protect rare birds, wetland ecosystem and prairies. The Dalai Lake, with broad water area, successive wetlands, rich feedings, is a paradise for various migratory birds’ habitation and is a dak for birds’ migration of Oceania and Northeast Asia. There are various animals in the Reserve including 448 kinds of seed plants, 30 kinds of fishes, 35 kinds of beasts, and 297 kinds of birds (including 8 kinds of first-grade state protection birds such as red-crowned cranes, white-crowned cranes and so on; 28 kinds of second-grade state protection birds such as   whooping swans and so on ). Dalai Lake Nature Reserve was founded in 1986 and was upgraded to national nature reserve in 1992. In 1994, it was brought into UMR International natural reserve. It was listed as key wetland in the world in 2002 and was brought into the World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.               

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It’s about 40 kilometers from Manzhouli City to the minor estuary of Dalai Lake. There are no regular buses but during tourism season there are private vehicles or minibuses to Dalai Lake at Xinhua Street and West Erdao Street with different prices. Tourists should find out the price before taking a bus. It’s 40 Yuan from Manzhouli to the minor estuary of Dalai Lake by a taxi. Hiring a vehicle is about 100Yuan/day.

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Tourists can enjoy “whole fish feast” with 120 kinds of fishes available to tourists’ choices in Dalai Lake Restaurant beside the Hulun Lake. The dishes of Hailar are fresh and delicious with reasonable prices. Four people enjoy a feast of “sauce-stewed lamb” in an intermediate rail restaurant costing only 70-80Yuan.

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