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Roasted Lamb Legs

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/7/22

The roasted lamb legs are a precious kind of dish for entertaining distinguished guests in Hulunbuir. The roasted lamb legs were evolved from the roasted whole lamb. According to the legend, nomad and herds peoples living on vast North of China had the habit of eating roasted preys and whole lamb sitting beside the bonfire. Gradually people found the tastiest part of the lamb was the hind legs, so people cut off the hind legs to roast. Compared to roasting the whole lamb, roasting lamb legs is quicker and more palatable. So gradually roasting lamb legs took the place of roasting the whole lamb. After longstanding development, people add various ingredients and sauces during the course of roasting lamb legs to make them fragrant, fresh. The roasted lamb legs are tender and fragrant, so it won a reputation of “Smell the fragrance before seeing the lamb legs.”