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Hulunbuir Shopping

Hulunbuir Local Products:

Mongolian Nationality Silverwares

Before Yuan Dynasty, the Mongolian nationality was well-known for using silverwares. The varieties of Mongolian nationality silverwares include silver bowls, the Mongolian knives, the Mongolian silver pots, utensils for drinking wine, the head ornaments and silver hairpins, various horse gears, sadder ornaments and so on. The major characteristics of the Mongolian nationality silverwares are decent and rustic, exquisite and careful with a classical color and type elegant, full of bright national flavor.

White Shrimp

White shrimp, also called Xiuli white shrimps, are transparent and cylindrical with a length of from 35 to 80mm and a weight of from 0.4 to 2.4g. White shrimp are the only economic shrimp in Hulun Lake with some characteristics such as: fast growing period, broad feeding habit, strong reproductive capacity, high nutritive value and so on. Fresh white shrimps, with high protein and low fat, contain more crude protein compared to other fishes in the same water. The reproduction period of white shrimp is between Late May and Mid-August in Hulunbuir Lake, with a reproduction peak between Mid-June and Mid-June.

Mongolian Knives

The people visited Mongolian grasslands all like Mongolian knives. Mongolian knives are common tools of nomadic people. They are useful tools and adornments; sometimes they are important tools to protect oneself. The knives are forged with high qualified steel with sharp bright knife edges. The knife pouches are made of hardwood, oxhorn, bone and other materials. Mongolian knives are precious gifts for remote friends, distinguished guests and visiting foreign guests.

White Mushrooms Of Hulunbuir Grasslands

The Hulunbuir Grasslands teem with the white mushrooms, which are a rare kind of toadstools. There are various ways of easting white mushrooms including using as fillings, stewing, eating with hot pots or airing for long-term eating. The cap of the white mushroom can range from 5 to 12cm. The white mushrooms are tender with mild fresh flavor.

Inner Mongolian Carpets

The carpets are mainly made of excellent wool of Inter Mongolia. Several working procedures are involved: First dyeing with chemistry pigment and plant pigment, then through manually weaving, at last laundering with chemicals. The carpets are soft, glossy, durable with fine working, strong elasticity and rich patterns.

Hulunbuir Shops and Stores: