Jimbaran Beach

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Jimbaran Beach is the most genial beach among all the beaches of Bali. In the beginning, it was just a small fishing village with simple and honest villagers. After the construction of the beautiful hotels, the beach started to attract crowds of Europeans who love the beauty of nature to spend holidays there. It is commendable that the original style of the village is destroyed by the commerce and the villagers make the beach a more comfortable and pleasant place with their hospitality and simplicity.

Not so extensive as Sanur Beach and NusaDua Beach, nor as bustling and prosperous as Kuta Beach, the Jimbaran Beach boasts tranquility and beautiful sunset. The feeling of strangeness simply vanishes, and no matter you are from which part of the world.

On Jimbaran Beach, tourists can enjoy both the beautiful sunset and the delicious seafood barbecues. As the sun goes down, people gather together and sit on the beach, watching the sunset, feeling the rush of the waves and relishing the candlelight dinner of seafood. This is the most enchanting atmosphere of Jimbaran Beach.

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