Taman Mini Indonesia Indah

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There are many tourist attractions in Jakarta. Aman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) or “Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park”, which is 26 kilometers east of the city center, is world famous. The park is a miniature of Indonesia by presenting islands, mountains, cities, ports, ancient relics, people, dances, customs and others, virtually all aspects of Indonesia present in miniatures according to their geographic locations. Covering an area of 120 acres, it began to be built in 1972 and was completed on April 20, 1975. It was opened to the public in 1984. Standing at the gate of the park, the landscape of the whole country will come into view. The islands and lands are just like pearls embedded on the Indian Ocean and Java from east to west. Inside the garden, the topography of the 27 provinces and architectures of various styles in Indonesia were built precisely according to the original. There, you can see the tropical scenery of Sumatra, the solemn white temples and Borobudur Temple Compounds of central Java. Roam in the primitive forests of Irian Jaya, enjoying those old and worn canoes, multi-floor shacks made from tree leaves and replendent palaces among the coconut palms.

Most of the buildings and sculptures at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah were clay sculptures, so we can say that this park features the art of clay sculpture in Indonesia. In every house, yard, forest and meadow, you can see sculptures of people, animals and birds with the same scale and appearance the same as the real ones. They are so vivid and varied that you may feel as if they are real ones. At one side of the gate, there is a Theater named Imax Keong Emas (The Golden Snail). Covering an area of 600 square meters, its appearance is just like a golden snail. There are 800 seats inside the theater and its screen is the largest of its kind in the world. The theater is used exclusively for playing documentaries about customs, traditions, history, geography, economy and culture of Indonesia. When the movie is on, the audiences feel like they are in the real scene. They will feel like flying by airplane across the canyons, overlooking erupting volcanoes, watching bull race of the Madurese people and revelries of the Iranian people, and attending a funeral of the Balinese people and traditional wedding celebrations of the Javanese. It is amazing is that you can even smell the fragrance of bamboo tube rice.

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