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Indonesia Travel Guide

Indonesia, officially named the Republic of Indonesia, is located in Southeast Asia, being the largest archipelagic state in the world. Stretching across Asia and Oceania and consisting of tens of thousands of islands, Indonesia is also celebrated as “the Country of thousands of Islands”. Indonesia enjoys the largest number of islands in the world. Besides, Indonesia also abounds with long coastline, abundant tourist resources and tropical scenery. Indonesia is a great holiday resort famous for its intriguing natural scenery. The Borobudur Temple Compounds and Prambanan Temple Compounds located in Central Java were listed as World Cultural Heritage Sites by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization). Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and an epitome of cultural merge of all minorities in Indonesia, is a must-visit place for foreign tourists.

Indonesia is scattered over both sides of the Equator, between Asia and Oceania. It lies between latitudes 11°S and 6°N, and longitudes 95°E and 141°E. As over 70% of its territory is located in the Southern Hemisphere, it is the only Asian country located in the Southern Hemisphere. Indonesia shares land borders with Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Malaysia, and it shares maritime borders with Thailand, Singapore, the Philippines and Australia across narrow straits. Bordering on the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia is the marine transportation hub connecting two continents and two oceans. With a length of more than 5,500 kilometers from east to west, Indonedia is the second largest country only second to China. Indonesia is composed of 17,508 islands of various sizes between Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean, among which, 6,000 islands are inhabited. There are more than 400 volcanoes, 77 of which are active. There are two major seismic belts in the world, one is circum-Pacific seismic belt, which surrounds the Pacific Ocean and the other is Alpide Belt, stretching from the Azores across the Mediterranean and Middle East to the Himalayas. As Indonesia is located in the circum-Pacific seismic belt, it has frequent earthquakes. Indonesia has a total coastline of 35,000 kilometers.

Indonesia is a multi-national country with over 100 ethnic groups, among which Javanese is the largest one. As most of the local people believe in Islam,  Indonesia has the largest number of Muslims in the world. Besides, there are also other religions, such as Christianity, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism and primitive religions. Indonesia is the largest archipelagic state in the world, consisting of 17,508 islands between the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean. The land area covers an area of 1,904,443 square kilometers and the marine area (excluding exclusive economic zones) covers an area of 3,166,163 square kilometers. The islands boast green vegetation, limpid water and pleasant weather, celebrated as “the emerald on the equator”. With more than 100 ethnic groups, Indonesia has the fourth largest population in the world.

Travel Notes

1. Remember not to touch Indonesian people’s heads because it is regarded as impolite.

2. Showing your affection in public places is regarded as vulgar by the local people.

3. Remember not to use your left hand while eating or handing out gifts because the local people think that the left hand is not clean.

4. When you meet an Indonesian, the best way to greet is to put your palms together before your chest, smiling and nodding.

5. Never whistle while going out in the evening because local people think that whistles can attract haunted ghosts.

6. In an Islamic country, “pig” is a dangerous word.

Indonesia Travel Ideas

Indonesia weather

Located on the equator, Indonesia has a typical tropical rainforest climate with high temperature and high humidity all year round. The annual temperature ranges from 25 to 27℃ with little seasonal changes. Affected by monsoon from the Northern Hemisphere, the northern part of Indonesia enjoys abund

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Indonesia Food

Indonesian local cuisine has rather strong flavors. Various kinds of condiments are often used, such as coconut milk, black pepper, clove, cardamom and curry . Usually, chili sauce is indispensable on the dining table of the local people. Among all the Indonesian dishes, the most typical one is Masa

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Indonesia Transport

The major ports of entry are mainly cities of Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan and Denpasar. Visitors can choose the ports of entry or landing according to their destinations. Entering and Leaving Malaysia: There are many ferries shuttling between Malaysia and Sumatra. There are comfortable speedboats betw

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Indonesia Products

There is a wide variety of art wares and souvenirs in Indonesia. The famous ones are batik cloths, Tigris dagger, wood carving, silver wares, copper or copper alloy statue, shadow puppets, scenery models, colorful shell products, clove strings, natural gemstone, Indonesian landscape painting, small

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