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Indonesia Transport

Last updated by bosten at 2017/5/19

There are flights from Jakarta in Java and Denpasar in Bali to the major Asian cities and other regions in the world. Besides these two major airports, there are also some international flights in Medan and Padang in Sumatra, including Djokjakarta and Surabaya in Java and Manado and Makassar in Sulawesi.

There are many flights to Kuala Lumpur from Jakarta and Denpasar. Silk Air provides flights from Kuala Lumpur to Medan and Kuala Lumpur to Padang. Malaysia Airlines provides flights from Djokjakarta to Kuala Mulpur. Garuda Indonesia provides flights from Surabaya to Kuala Lumpur.

Garuda Indonesia is the national airline of Indonesia, operating most of the major air lines within the country. Merpati Nusantara Airlines is a major domestic airline, operating scheduled services to more than 25 destinations in Indonesia. In addition, there are also some domestic flights such as from some airline companies, such as Bouraq, Lion Air, Mandala, Pelita Air and Jatayu with reliable services.