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Indonesia Transport

Last updated by bosten at 2017/6/19

Small-sized public buses, originating from bemo (a kind of three-wheeled small mini van, can be found everywhere in the city.. However, in other places, they have many confusing names for such small buses, such as opelet, mikrolet and colt. They usually have fixed routes. However, they can also be rented. As many Asian cities, you can find Becak (three-wheeled pedicab), but only in cities and towns. Bajaj is just like the electric rickshaws in India. In some peaceful towns, you can even see horse-drawn carts which are called dokar, cidomo or andong. In most areas, Ojek (motorcycle taxi) is the most easy-to-get transport. In many cities and towns in Indonesia, there are taxis and the drivers sometimes even use the meter.

By Bike

At restaurant, travel agencies and hotels in most cities, you can rent bikes. The renting fee is 12, 000 RP per day, but it is not easy to find decent mountain bikes. It is suitable to bike along the relatively remote streets, but it is not recommended to bike for a long time in the busy traffic or on roads of bad conditions.

Cars and Motorcycles

In Bali, you can rent a Suzuki Jimny SUV for a self-driving traveling. The renting fee is no less than 80,000Rp, and limited insurance is provided. The further it is away from the tourist areas, the higher the rental is required.  It is also more difficult to find a car-renting company. If you don’t want to drive by yourself on the boisterous streets, you can hire a driver while renting the car. The service costs 300,000RP per day. There are also motorcycles (usually 90CC to 125CC) for rent in Indonesia with the rental of 40,000RP per day. Excellent driving skills and wearing a helmet is required.