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Indonesia Transport

Last updated by bosten at 2017/6/19

In Indonesia, there are a number of public buses providing transportation from Bali to Sumatra. There are trucks equipped with wooden benches in the back carriage, and also luxury buses equipped with air-conditionings, televisions and karaoke. Various services are provided by public buses operating between Java and Sumatra. The local public buses have the lowest prices and they usually departure when the buses are full and stop midway according to passengers’ demands.

Ticket prices vary according to different classes of the public buses, including the air-conditioning, television and bathroom in them. Small-sized buses only operate short-distance transport. In Sumatra, especially Java, luxury small-sized buses also operate the main routes. In Bali, there are tourist buses that operate the popular tourist routes. But in other islands, traveling on buses is not very convenient. However, local public buses are the only choice.