Inner Mongolia Festivals

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Nadam Grassland Tourist Festival

Time: every July and August(25 to 29 July in 2015).

Place:Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Nadam Festival is a special festival for Mongolian people (in China, most of them live in Inner Mongolia), which has distinctive national characteristics. The festival is actually based on a big party, and people from all regions get together, singing, dancing and having some traditional but very interesting athletics activities.

Nadam, in Mongolian language, means “entertainment” or “game”, that’s why every year, in June 4th of lunar calendar, all Mongolian people gather on the grasslands and enjoy their grand meeting. The three major programs of Nadam Festival are wrestling, horse racing and archery. These three are almost the same in all areas.

However, Nadam Festival differs in different areas, including the ways of celebrating, activity types and the size of the party etc..

As Nadam Festival is hosted in different groups -- some are held in their villages or counties, some other are held in Banners (a special administrative division in Inner Mongolia, which are equal to districts), the scale of the parties are quite different -- some have really huge size, almost all the residents in the region join in the activities; while some are quite small, just a few friends gathering together and celebrating in a small range.

Thus the differences between the different areas can be demonstrated by the number of people engaging in the activities; the number of horses; the duration of days in celebrating the festival. (Three levels in all regions: Large, Medium, Small. Nadam Festival of Large scale involving 512 wrestling players, more than 300 horses, and the festival lasts for 7 to 10 days; Medium scale, 256 players, 100 to 150 horses, lasting for 5 to 7 days; Small scale, 64 players, 30 horses, and lasting 3 to 5 days.)

Except for those three major sports mentioned above, there are also some other activities and they are also different in different areas. The most important is the festival show, gathering around the bonfire, singing and dancing. Other activities includes polo, equestrian and some ball games.

As the development of the society, in many urban areas, some popular sports have taken place of the traditional ones. But the residents on the grasslands and those living in mountainous areas still keep good tradition and their colorful traditions. The less developed the areas are, the more activities they will hold. 


Time: late May or early June, some places hold it in July or August.

Place:Aobao is part of the traditional culture of Inner Mongolia and they are held in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Brief introduction:Aobaos are often set on the hills or mountains on the grassland. On the Aobao Festival, people ride their horses to gather at an appointed place. Before the sacrificing ceremony, people hold horse races. Then, monks lead people to sacrifice to the gods and people add more stones to the Aobao. After the ceremony, more activities will be held, like wrestling, singing or dancing.

Lantern Festival

: Every 25th of October in Chinese lunar calendar.

Place: Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Brief introduction:On the Lantern Festival, every home lights their lantern to celebrate. But in Hebukesaier Mongolian Autonomous County and Emin County, people do not celebrate Lantern Festival any more. In Wusu city, people hold many activities to instead of Lantern Festival. Activities are as follows: horse racing, camel racing, wrestling, arrows shooting, tugging, singing, dancing and so on.

Horse Milk Festival

Time: Horse milk Festival is often held in the late August according to Chinese lunar calendar. It lasts for a whole day.  

Place: Horse milk Festival is held in parts of Xilinguole League and Ordos area of Inner Mongolia.

Brief introduction:Horse milk Festival is the festival celebrating the harvest. On that day, lots of snacks and drinks will be prepared. Horse milk and braised mutton are the main dishes on the feast. People also have horse racing and singing activities after the feast.

Zhaojun Festival of Huhehaote

: 16th to 21st of July.

Place: Huhehaote city

Contents:Opening ceremony, national singing and dancing, march of Asian folk art, Grapes Festival of Tuo County, Mountain Climbing Festival of Wuchuan and so on.

Grassland Tourist Festival of Inner Mongolia

: Around August in every year.

Place: Huhehaote city.

Brief introduction to the Grassland Tourist Festival of Inner Mongolia:The first Grassland Tourist Festival of Inner Mongolia was held in September of 1991, and then in every August, it would be held. It is a multiple-function activity based on the Nadam Fair. In this Grassland Tourist Festival of Inner Mongolia, lots of activities are included, like commercial negotiation, goods and materials exchanges and entertainments and so on.

Wulanmugi Festival of Inner Mongolia

: Wulanmugi Festival of Inner Mongolia is held twice in a year and the holding time is as same as that of Nadam Fair and Grassland Tourist Festival of Inner Mongolia.

Place: In Huhehaote city.

Brief introduction:Each banner and county attends in this Wulanmugi Festival of Inner Mongolia every year. Experts evaluate the winners out. Wulanmuji in Mongolian language means red cultural team. They have made great contributions to Inner Mongolia and it is very popular with the Mongolians.

The 8th Tourist Festival of Summer in Lucheng

:1st to 31st of July, 2006.

Place:In Baotou city
Contents:Shows of folk art, Baotou people travel around Baotou and so on.

Tourist Festival of Chinese Liao Culture

: 1st to 10th of August.

Place: Shangjiang of ancient Liao Dynasty (Left Balin Banner today), Qingzhou of ancient Liao Dynasty (Right Balin Banner today), Zhongjing of ancient Liao Dynasty (Ningcheng city today) and Hongshan District of Chifeng city.

Contents:Great-scale shows of Liao singing and dancing, shows of Liao clothes, exhibitions of historical relics of Liao Dynasty and so on.

Prince's Maison Tourist Festival

:15th to 18th of August.

Place: Wangfu Town of Kalaqin Banner in Chifeng.

Contents:Pay a visit to the Mongolian Prince's maison and Fuhui Temple of Qing Dynasty. Visit the life style of Mongolian Prince's maison and enjoy some distinctive shows like wedding show and Qing clothes show and so on.

Daming Temple Fair

:1st to 10th of April according to the Chinese lunar calendar every year.

Place:Ningcheng city of Chifeng.

Brief introduction:Daming Temple Fair was firstly held in Liao Dynasty according to the kept written materials. Nowadays, the Daming Temple Fair is greatly riched in the content. There are lots of activities included, like the pagoda shipping ceremony, film festival, singing and dancing shows, historical relics exhibitions, sports meeting, information exchanges and so on.

Zhelimu 818 Horse Racing in Tongliao city

:Zhelimu 818 Horse Racing in Tongliao city is held from 18th to 20th of every August.

Place:Zhurihe Grassland of Tongliao.

Content:Horse racing, wrestling, Aobao worshipping and herdsman visiting and so on.

The 5th Daqinggou National Culture Festival


Place:Daqinggou Tourist Region of Kezuohou Banner in Tongliao city

Contents:Forests in sandy area viewing, drifting, fishing and riding and so on.

Binse Festival of Ewenke Nationality

:Every 18th of June

Place:Ewenke Autonomous Banner in Hulunbeier
Contents:Sheep racing, wrestling, bonfire ball and so on.

The 3rd Snow Festival of Hulunbeier

:December of 2006 to March of 2007.

Place:Hulunbeier city
Contents:Professional skiing shows, skiing and forest life experiencing and so on.

Aershan Holy Water Festival of Inner Mongolia 2006

: Around the Dragon Boat Festival (falling on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month).

Place: Haishen Convalescent Hospital of Aershan city, Xing'an League

Contents:Opening ceremony, holy water worshipping, commercial negotiation, visiting to the Hot Springs Museum of China and so on.

Aershan Taiwei Snow Festival of Inner Mongolia

:In the late December.

Place:Taiwei Skiing Slope of Aershan city in Inner Mongolia
Contents:Opening ceremony, shows of skiing, golf on the snow and so on.

The 3rd International Nomadic Culture Festival of Xilinhaote

:20th of July to the 20th of September.

Place:Xilinhaote area.

Contents:Aobao worshipping, nomadic life experiencing, exhibitions of historical relics of Yuan Dynasty, Nadam Fair and so on.

The 5th Manzhouli International Tourist Festival

:In June.

Place:Manzhouli city of China, Roschita city of Russia.

Contents:Opening ceremony, Sino-Russia Economy Forum, great shows and so on.

The 3rd International Grassland Culture Festival of Inner Mongolia

:In the early August.

Place:In the city of Ordos.

Contents:Openign ceremony, national dancing and singing shows, grassland culture meeting and economical negotiations and so on.

The 4th Mongolian Costume Festival

:In the early August.

Place:In the city of Ordos.

Contents:Opening ceremony, shows of traditional Mongolian cloths and modern Mongolian cloths and so on.

The 17th Tourist Nadam Fair in Inner Mongolia

: From 25th to 31st of July.

Place:Gegentala Grassland Tourist Center of Siziwang Banner, Wulanchabu.

Contents:Opening ceremony, horse racing, wrestling, arrows shooting, national dancing and singing shows, acrobatics and other performances.

Hetao Culture Festival of Bayanzhuoer

:In August.

Place:In Bayanzhuoer city.

Contents:Opening ceremony, historical relics exhibitions, photograph exhibitions, local snacks exhibitions and so on.

Ejina International Autumn Diversiform-leaved poplar Tourist Festival

: From 1st to 7th in October.

Place:In Dalaikubu Town of Ejina Banner.

Contents:Photographing contest, national cloths exhibitions, souvenirs exhibitions, Mongolian chess contest and so on.

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