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Inner Mongolia Transport

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/5/1

Airports in Inner Mongolia

There are 9 airports in Inner Mongolia. They are Huhehaote Airport, Baotou Airport, Hailaer Airport, Xilinhaote Airport, Chifeng Airport, Tongliao Airport, Wulanhaote Airport, Manzhouli Airport, and Wuhai Airport. In these nine airports, airplanes fly to all the big cities in China as well as the capital of Mongol, the capital of Thailand and some other cities. The airline net in Inner Mongolia is quite mature now.  

Railway in Inner Mongolia

Nowadays, there are 19 national main railways, 12 branches and 5 local railways in Inner Mongolia. These railways lead to Beijing, Xi’an, Hailaer, Lanzhou, Yinchuan and other big cities. Up to now, the total length of railway in Inner Mongolia reaches to 3120 kilometers. And the main railways like Jingbao Railway, Baolan Railway, Binzhou Railway, Jitong Railway, Jingtong Railway, Jier Railway connect China and Russia and Mongol together.

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