Jiangsu Festivals

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Cherry and Plum Blossoms Festival- Early Spring 

When the spring arrives in Jiangsu, all the gardens in the province are covered with blankets of white and pink flowers as the many plum and cherry trees blossom.
Although plum groves can be found in many gardens in the province, the most impressive blossoms can be seen in Wuxi and Nanjing. One of the most beautiful places for enjoying the blossoming plum trees is close to the Imperial Tomb of Ming Xiaoling. In Wuxi, the gardens close to Lake Taihu also have several cherry groves. 

Suzhou Silk Festival- September 

Suzhou Silk Festival
The Silk Capital of China, Suzhou, is one of the most important producers in the country for silk. During this festival visitors can view an exhibition of silk garments along with a fashion show, orchestra symphony and various other activities.

The Stone Art Rain Flower Festival of Nanjing- September 

The Stone Art Rain Flower Festival

This popular festival is organized every year in Nanjing. Various tourist activities are organized during this festival. The main carriers are the rain flower stones. Activities like climbing of the city walls, enjoying the bright moon on the city walls, commercial activities and the trade and economic soliciting fairs are organized during the festival.

Lantern Festival- After Chinese New Year 

Lantern Festival

One of the most important festivals in the Jiangsu Province is the Lantern Festival. This festival is held 2 years after the popular Chinese New Year. It is a very lively festival and very entertaining for foreign tourists. Nanjing is home to the most popular and most lavish lantern displays. Several legends surround this festival and many claim that the festival is for celebrating the success of the palace coup for the Han Dynasty. Several others say it is because the emperor had recovered from an illness. 

The Festival of New Year Bell Ringing at the Hanshan Temple- January, February 

Hanshan Temple Festival

Suzhou is home to the ancient and impressive Hanshan Temple. It holds a very large and beautiful New Year Festival. According to the traditional culture, the midnight stroke is celebrated by ringing all the bells of the Buddhist temples. Several performances and activities are organized at the Hanshan Temple to make it entertaining and fascinating to welcome the New Year.

The Culture Festival of Fuzi Miao- Late April 

Fuzi Miao Festival

The Fuzi Miao Festival is held in April. This festival makes the historic district of Nanjing even livelier. Several traditional performances are organized. The festival is held in a public square close to Fuzi Miao. It offers a great opportunity to enjoy many traditional dances as well as folk crafts. It also includes lion and dragon dances which are a symbol in China. The festival also includes fascinating folk dances of Jiangsu like the river oyster and lantern dances.

The Dragon Boat Races- May 

The Dragon Boat Races

Nanjing is home to the exciting dragon race like many other locations in China. The dragon race in Nanjing is perhaps the most exciting and dynamic. Several universities and companies in the last few years have been organizing and sponsoring the teams. The teams train throughout the year for the race which is organized in Lake Mochou Park every May. It is a very exciting and a must-watch festival in Jiangsu.

The Traditional Arts Festival of Zhouzhuang Water Town- April 3

Zhouzhuang Traditional Arts Festival

The festival is held in Zhouzhuang, an ancient but charming water town. The festival celebrates water town arts such as folk arts, paintings inspired by the picturesque and unique environment and contemporary photography. Tourists can participate in and see demonstrations of the traditional games and crafts. The traditional boats can also be seen plying down the Zhouzhuang narrow canals.

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