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Jiangsu Transport

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Airports in Jiangsu

You will find seven airports in the province that are being used for civilian purposes. They include Lukou airport in Nanjing, Shuofang airport in Wuxi, Benniu airport in Chagzhou, Xingdong airport in Nantong, Baitafu airport in Liangyungang, Nanyang airport in Yancheng and Guanyin airport inXuzhou. Lukou international in Nanjing is one of the airports from where flights to international airports originate. At the same time a number of international flights also arrive in this airport.

Nanjing Lukou Airport
Location: This airport is located in the town of Loukou in Jiangning district found south east of Nanjing in the province of Jiangsu. The distance to the airport is just 3.8 kilometers from the city of Nanjing when the direct distance is taken.
The following are the telephone numbers of the airport:
For domestic flights: 025-86602902
For international flights: 025-86602912 86525730

Railway in Jiangsu

The main railway lines that pass through the province of Jiangsu are Jinghu (Beijing-Shanghai) Railway, Ningtong Railway, Longhai Railway, Xinchang Railway and Ningqi Railway. The town areas of all 13 provincial cities have their own railways. The only exception is Suqian. Xuzhou and Nanjin are the central points of railway travel when it comes to northern areas of Jiangsu province and its southern part respectively.

Jinghu Railway and Ningtong Railway as well as Ningqi Railway provide their services to the province of Nanjing. Railway stations located in Nanjing comes under the governance of Shanghai Railway bureau. Trains that start from Nanjing ply to such destinations as Beijing, Ningbo, Shanghai, Wenzhou, Lanzhou, Guangzhou, Nanchang, Chengdu Diamen, Fuzhou, Dongguan, Dongying and many other cities in different regions in China.

Presently, in downtown Nanjing there are three stations that handle passenger transport. Southern Nanjing railway station, Western Nanjing railway station and Nanjing railway station are the three.

Every train that is on its way passing Nanjing railway station will stop there. Junghu railway station’s Huning section welcomes direct fast traffic. Therefore, a fast intercity train could cover the distance between Nanjing and Shanghai in only two hours and seventeen minutes.
Jinghu railway along with Longhai railway also provides its services to the city of Xuzhou. Railway station of Xuzhou is controlled by Jinan Railway Bureau. Trains to destinations such as Beijing, Lianyungang, Ha’erbing, Zaozhuang, Qingdao, Jinan, Yantai and other cities start from Xuzhou railway station.

In addition to the above mentioned railway stations there are many other stations that are important in the province. Railway stations located in Yangzhou, Lianyungang, Wuxi, and Suzhou come under this category. When you consider Ningqi railway Yangzhou is an important station. There are trains that start at Xuzhou which are heading for Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hankou and such others. Terminal station of Longhai Railway is Lianyungang.

Some of the trains that start at Lianyungang of which destination stations are Southern Beijing, Najing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Baoji, Hankou, Xuzhou and many other cities. Wuxi and Suzhou are two of the important stations in the Jinhu railway’s Huning section. Trains start from Wuxi head for such destinations as Nanjing, Shanghai, yichang, Huaihua and such other cities. There are also trains that start at Suzhou of which destinations are Beijing, Shanghai, Ganzhou, Nanjing and such others.

Highway in Jiangsu

At the end of the year 2005 there were 11 freeways that were extending from Jiangsu to other provinces. Presently, when you consider both built freeways and the ones that are under construction under one network, you will find that there are four lines extending from north to south and another four from east to west while there are four that are linking through.

When it comes to mileage, freeways in Jiangsu province rank third in case the whole country is considered while on density of traffic, their score brings them to be in the first place in China. All the provincial cities as well as 80% of the towns have access to the freeways that run through them. Passenger bus transport services in the cities in the province, especially those of the cities located in southern Jiangsu have become very quick modes of transport.

As such, travelling by passenger busses that move at high speeds has become a good choice. In addition to those freeways, National Highways 205,104,310,312, 328 and many others are running through the province of Jiangsu. These are of good quality.

Waterway in Jiangsu

Sea Transport

Waterways are the main mode of passenger transportation in the province of Jiangsu. Regularly ships start from Suzhou and Wuxi heading for Hangzhou. Their departure is at sunset and they arrive in their destinations by sunrise. In addition to these ships there are also yachts that are heading for Chongqing along Yangtze River.   

Bridge Transport

Six bridges are found crossRiver Yangtze Bridge number 01, 02 and the bridge No. 03 across Yangtze River is located in Nanjing which is the largest city. Yangtze River Bridge located in Jiangyin and The Yangtze River Bridge situated in Runyang (that spans from Zhenjiang to Yangzhou) are another two. Among these bridges The Yangtze River Bridge No. 1 in Nanjing is a bridge located in the city that is being used for both rail and bus transport. There are provisions for people to walk through the bridge or to ride on bicycles. Since others are freeway bridges only busses are able to use them. There are also more bridges under construction. Yangtze River Bridge located in Sutong (that spans from Suzhou to Nantong) is one of them. Chongqi Bridge (which will connect Chongming Island in Shanhai with Qidong) and also Yngtze River Bridge No. 4in Nanjing are all meant for freeways. In addition to all these a tunnel that spans the length across the Yangtze River also is being thought of.

Presently ferry routes on River Yangtze such as Tongsha that connect Nantong and Zhangjiagang, Tongchang that connect Nantong to Changshu, Taihai which starts at Taicang and ends up at Haimen also provide transport facilities between northern and southern China.

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