Jiangxi Festivals

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The Dragon Boat Festival

The Dragon Boat race in the city of Nanchang is held on the fifth day of the fifth mouth in Chinese lunar calendar also known as Duanwu Festival. The most famous dragon boat race in Jiangxi takes place in the Liao River. Every year on the morning of the dragon boat festival, thousands of people gather in the banks of the Liao River and wait there to watch the race. Usually, at 9:00 am, the dragon boats of every village wait there and they are ready for the race. When the race starts, the whole river cheers. It is really wonderful.

 International Pottery Festival

Every year on October 12th the International Pottery Festival is held in Jingdezhen. And at the same time, many programs of entertainment are also held. This becomes a feature of the pottery city. Since 1990, Jingdezhen has successfully held ten sessions of the International Pottery Festival and the festival is supported from both home and abroad. It has already become a festival that provides the opportunities of exchanging pottery culture, displaying potteries and talking investment and cooperation.

Admiring the immortal Fair

The Admiring the Immortal Fair is held to respect the immortal Xu Xun, the fortune king. It is said that an early august day 1500 years ago, i.e the second year of Ningkang period in Dongjin dynasty (374 A.D), the 136 years-old Xu Xun, together with his 42 family members and with his houses and his dogs and chickens, entered the paradise. After his entering the paradise, the people in Nanchang conventionalized the first day of august as the fortune king’s birthday. Later at that day, people in Nanchang went to the immortal palace in the West Mountain to show their respect. As time passes, more and more people went there to show their respect to the fortune king Xu Xun. Every year from august to October, people from the neighboring counties will go to the immortal palace in the West Mountain. Anyone who is the first to come to the immortal palace will be happier than when he wins the lottery. With the repair of the immortal palace recently, even more people went there to pray fortune. Even many foreigners went there to pray for good fortune.

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